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The heart of the book is the collaboration between the elder and the young woman. Read more about each women here.

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Regina, age 70 and Shinay, age 29 team up to offer you an inside look at what's possible when you move beyond the lie of "Never Good Enough."

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We're not finished with the conversation. Read more about what we're currently living and learning.

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March 11 3-5 pm Prescott, Arizona | Book reading, signing, Q & A | Peregrine Book Co. Prescott, Arizona

June 5-7  Boulder, Colorado Workshop, book signing, reading, and Q & A | Location TBD

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"Over and over again, I see in my teaching of women in dance, Pilates and Zen meditation, the lack of confidence and trust that erodes women's abilities to bring their truth into the world with real effectiveness.  This book presents remedies for the dis-ease of self-criticism and self-loathing that plagues the contemporary female psyche. Women, please take as directed - we need your wholeness more than ever." —Myosho Virginia Matthews
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